Hello world.. I've just redone this page so it'll actually be working and readable... no thanks to the lovely Tripod Quickpage editor. Pbbbbbbthhh...what a mess.
Now, for the usual introduction... My name is Tom Morris, and I'm 17 years old. I live in the suburbs of Miami, Florida, with my parents, my uncle, my little brother, and about 50 guppies (at last count). My hobbies include drawing, bicycling, and practicing to become an evil genius.

Kendall - my attempt at an online comic strip :)
Photo Gallery
The QSY! Bad Music Awards (way overdue for a second edition)
The Junk Box... some aesthetically pleasing works of modern technology
My Sorta Useful Amateur Radio Page
Wierd Stuff... Stupid Tech Tricks
Scary Products!!!!

As of December 10, 2000, this site is now linked on Kickgranny.com under the Jay Leno theme. What in the heck were they thinking? :)

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